While we are all excited that spring is pretty much here, that also means pothole season. Potholes are notoriously a big problem in Minnesota and Wisconsin, especially in the Duluth and Superior area.

I have noticed the potholes on my street getting worse each year! Because we have had a really weird 'winter' in the area, these potholes are seemingly only getting worse. I have to dodge potholes down my entire road.

Potholes In Superior

Superior Mayor Jim Paine is tackling this problem head on, releasing a statement early on Wednesday (April 17th) about potholes in Superior.

Road pothole
Nick Cooper, Townsquare Media Duluth

In his post, Mayor Paine shared his plan for fixing potholes in Superior over the next few months. He also shared plans for the pothole situation further out, into the next few years.

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His plan includes adding an extra million bucks to the street maintenance fund, patching potholes in general and using the rest for more related projects.

Last year around the same time, Mayor Paine also got ahead of the pothole situation as well. He addressed the issue with Superior residents and laid out a plan to fix them for the year ahead.

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If there's anything that gets people heated, it is potholes! Last year, I was on a walk when I noticed someone literally took to the streets to voice their concern over potholes in their Duluth neighborhood.

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