Spring is in the air. Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure it's raining now, but how about that fantastic weekend? Regardless, more gorgeous weather is heading our way and if the thought of that has you itching to grab your bike and hit the trails, check this article out first.

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Minnesota is not just the land of 10,000 lakes, there are also an incredible amount of places to peddle too. Huge bonus points when those paths take us by the lake, am I right?

Whether you're looking for State trails, paths with a view, the ultimate bike lane in the city, wide residential roads, a climb for an added challenge, or the perfect paved way for the fam, there's something for everyone.

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What's your biking style? I'm more of a get a little workout in by hitting the complex trails, take in a cool view, then a pit stop at a brewery/restaurant to reward myself when the hard work is over.

Walk Score with Redfin did the work for us by calculating the bikeability of each city to find the most bikeable places in all of Minnesota. They did this by weighing out components like bike lanes, hills, destinations, road connectivity, bike commuting, and mode share. And then giving each a score out of 100.

The 10 Most Bikeable Cities in Minnesota

Spring is in the air! Grab your bike and hit the trails in Minnesota's most bikeable cities.

Gallery Credit: Samm Adams

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Minnesota's Oldest Bridges

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