Talk about being Country! This guy not only talks the talk but clearly can walk the walk.

What a weekend it was! Oktoberfest wrapped up yesterday afternoon in Pierz, and by all accounts, it was a successful weekend. The Walkin' Wings contest had 14 teams cooking up some deliciousness on Saturday throughout downtown Pierz, and the teams went through all 10,000 wings that were available! Sunday saw similar success with the party down in the park. But what caught my eye over the weekend was a video showing a horse making its way through a bar!

The Red Rooster Bar and Grill posted to their page over the weekend of a patron walking his horse through the bar.

The crowd inside the bar, located in Genola, didn't seem phased by the horse being guided through the bar, many could be seen smiling and laughing about the encounter.

The man and horse took a quick lap around the dining area and then returned to the parking lot.

I missed out on being there in person for all the horsin' around that was going on, as I was following some family and friends down to the park, but it sure looks like a good time was had.

A big thank you to the Pierz Area Commercial Club for the fun weekend with all the activities that were going on, hopefully they keep the walkin' wings content next year as it seemed VERY successful in its first year.

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