I got into a "discussion" the other day on Facebook with someone who basically said I wasn't telling the truth.  I shared during my show on Y-105FM, Rochester's Best Variety, that I saw an individual driving the other day in Minnesota and they had a bowl of something that they were trying to eat.  A BOWL!  I was told that I was a liar and that would never happen on our roads because no one can drive while holding a bowl and using silverware.  Don't you just love people who think the internet is the place to argue? 🙄

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Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

First, I am not going to tell you something that I saw that I didn't actually see.

Second, it does happen on our roads in Minnesota and to prove it, I found a video of a woman doing exactly what I said.  It isn't the actual person I saw but it is proof it happens.

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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Woman Eating Cereal While Driving on Busy Road in Minnesota

I had to dig around a bit to find this video posted on the Minnesota Sheriff's Association Facebook Page but it proves that people are actually eating out of bowls while driving in our state.

There is NO excuse for this. If you find yourself doing this, wake up five minutes earlier and allow yourself time to eat at home. There’s no reason this should ever happen. - Minnesota Sheriff's Association Facebook Page

Again, not the person that I saw the other day.  But whoever you are, please stop. Distracted driving is so dangerous!

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