The Good, Bad, and Delicious News in Minnesota

I've got a little bit of good news and bad news today for Minnesota.

  • The bad news = a coffee shop with a few locations in Minnesota just closed over the weekend.  If you missed that news, I have that sad update below for you.
  • The good news = the top coffee shops in every state were just announced!  Yes, coffee lovers...consider this your guide for finding good coffee on your next road trip.

#1 Coffee Shop For Each State in the United States Just Announced!

Whenever my friends want to meet up, we normally pick a coffee shop because they know I only function if there is a cup of coffee in my hands.  I'm too busy to NOT have coffee.  And as a result, I have proclaimed myself as the Queen of Coffee in the Med City.  In fact, I've had so many meetings at Cafe Steam and Caribou Coffee lately that I may as well just set up an office or at least claim one of the tables as "Jessica's".

Sadly, neither of the coffee shops that I frequent often made the latest list that was just published featuring the best coffee shops in the United States.  But, thanks to the latest list by Reader's Digest, I've got a new spot that is a must to check out in Minnesota and the states nearby.

Top Coffee Shops in Each State According to Reader's Digest

Whenever I am traveling, I am always on the hunt for a coffee shop. Next time you are touring the U.S. or just out for a road trip in your own state, go grab a cup of coffee from the top shops in the United States according to Reader's Digest.

How did they pick the best in each state? According to their story, they checked out "customer reviews and roasting reputation". The story has more insight on each place and you can find that at
Susan Vineyard ThinkStock
Susan Vineyard ThinkStock

And Now The Bad News for Minnesota...Popular Coffee Shop Just Closed For Good

This past weekend was the last time you could grab a cup of coffee from one of the shops that has become popular the past 6 years.  If you missed the news last week, Fiddlehead Coffee Co. closed all of its locations in Minnesota including all locations in Rochester.

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