Ever since I was very young, I've loved everything scary.  I think I gave my Mom years of worry.  But soon she embraced it and let me enjoy it. On my 13th Birthday (That number 13 was important to do something scary!) she let me and my friends go see "My Bloody Valentine".  I'm sure other parents questioned her, but I thought it was awesome.

If you love scary and creepy too, then you'll be happy to know we have lots of scary places to visit right here in our state.

Hibbing, MN is the birthplace of the Greyhound Bus Line.  It's also home to the Greyhound Bus Museum. According to Minnesota Haunted Houses Online:

This museum is rumored to be haunted since it is right next door to a cemetery. Staff members have said that note bus windows open and close on their own and visitors have reported seeing suspicious shadows that disappear. Paranormal investigators have checked the place out, verifying the ghostly presences.


Photo by: Google Maps
Photo by: Google Maps

Haunted Hotels are super interesting too.  I'm way too scared to stay in one, but I love reading about and discussing them.  The St. James Hotel in Red Wing, MN is one of those Hotels.  According to OnlyInYourState.com:

One spirit, that of a woman named Clara Lillyblad, has been known to hang around room 310 where she lived until her death. It’s not just Clara’s ghost that haunts the halls. In 1890, nearly 98 passengers drowned in a shipwreck on nearby Lake Pepin. In the days after the ship went down, the St. James Hotel was used as a makeshift morgue. Many believe the ghosts from that shipwreck still reside in the hotel.

Need more scary places to visit?  See the full list of 11 Little Known Haunted Places from OnlyInYourState.com.

Happy Hauntings!

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