It's small but it's mighty.  With a population of only 22 you'd think they'd have a hard time getting noticed.  But the community of Dorset, near Park Rapids, is known as the "Restaurant Capitol of the World".

With 4 restaurants and an ice cream shop in a town of 22 people - Dorset, MN has more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the world - hence the (self proclaimed) title of the "Restaurant Capitol of the World".  In August the community of Dorset will 'open it's doors' and invite folks to come sample all the delicious foods that go into giving them their title of the Restaurant Capitol of the World.

Photo by: Google Maps
Photo by: Google Maps

The "Taste of Dorset" takes place on August 6, 2023.  They'll have live music, fun for the whole family and of course lots of food.  But one thing you probably won't be expecting is that they will also name a new Mayor at the festival!


Here's the fun part of the Mayoral race - there is no voting - instead you pay $1 to put your name in a jar and then you just hope your name is the random winner.  Sounds crazy, but it's true! They do it this way every year.  Yes, the Mayor of Dorset serves just a one year term.  But don't think you'll get away with no responsibilities.  According to the Mayor "is expected to participate in community events and entertain requests from constituents."

So jot it on your calendar now and head toward Park Rapids on August 6th to the community of Dorset.  This is the one day a year this town of 22 grows exponentially and there's lots of fun to be had there!

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