A Minnesota City Just Issued Statement About Water Snakes Hiding In Concrete

A small town in Minnesota posted a note today on their Facebook page with a little bit of a warning for anyone walking around by the dam at the state park near them.  The reason is that Nothern water snakes are hiding in the concrete.  And from the photo I saw, they are HUGE!

Northern Water Snake
IcemanJ ThinkStock

🐍 SNAKE FYI: Please use caution if you visit the dam at Lake Louise. Northern water snakes have made their home in the large hole in the concrete.
Here’s what we know from the DNR:
◾️The snakes are non-venomous.
◾️They’re quick to strike/bite if cornered.
◾️They also mimic rattle snakes.
◾️They eat amphibians and fish.
Under Minnesota Statute, native snake species are considered “protected wildlife”.
❗️Please do not harm the snakes. The best action is to give them space.


For those of us who don't know, which I am included in this, Lake Loise is actually not in the City of LeRoy.  According to a comment that the City of LeRoy made on one of our social media sites, the dam where the snakes are hiding in concrete are in a state park just north of town.  Some of us "big city" people don't know that the dam isn't in your town so I appreciate the info.  Now that I know, I also changed the headline for you.

Here's the statement that they left for us:

Waiiiiiiiit! Hold up, friendly radio people in the big city. We can appreciate a catchy headline. But please, oh please, don't make it sound like we're in a snake-infested situation here. Some context: the Lake Louise dam is part of Lake Louise State Park, located just north of our fine town. It's a beautiful spot to relax, hike, walk, run, bike, camp or ride your horse. Plenty of magnificent photo ops, too, as you can see below. These snakes have likely been around for a while and have just recently made a few more appearances, so we just wanted to spread a word of caution. It's nature, and we're nature lovers down here. In fact, we invite all Rochesterites to leave the big city behind and come on down this weekend for Summer Fest, our annual all-town celebration. We're a straight 40 miles south of you. You might just start #LovingLeRoy as much as we do!


How do you feel about snakes?

I know the City of LeRoy said that the snakes aren't venomous but still...I do NOT want to see these snakes ever.

Do snakes give you happy feelings or do you want to run away and scream like I do?  I'd love to know how you'd react if you saw a snake.  Let me know over on the Y-105FM Facebook page by clicking here or at the post below and leave a fun GIF.

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