First of all, before anyone gets overly offended, I realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One person's 'butt ugly' is another person's 'drop dead gorgeous.' So there's that.

Minnesota is known for it's beauty. 10,000 Lakes, North Shore, rolling hills, Mississippi River bluffs, pine forests, Boundary Waters -- the list goes on and on.

The team at decided to take the opposite approach, and went on the quest of finding the ugliest city in each state. What qualifies? Maybe the city is rundown, in lack of repair and maintenance, has a shuttered, unkept main street, or just in kind of an unremarkable location. In most instances it's a combination.

In a state full of beautiful, natural wonders, has named Glencoe as the ugliest city in Minnesota.

Glencoe, Minnesota

  • Population: 5,744
  • Located: in McCleod County (just west of the Twin Cities)
  • History: Founded in 1855, and named after Glen Coe in Scotland
  • Schools: Home of Glencoe-Silver Lake High School (Panthers)

Let’s be honest: every small, neglected town in America looks practically the same, and this lack of uniqueness makes these places rank even lower on the beauty scale. As for this tiny Minnesota town -- on top of looking generally ugly-- Glencoe suffers from the worst kind of small-town syndrome -- exclusivity.

Well that's not very flattering. I feel like somebody at was having a bad day when they passed through Glencoe.

What About Minnesota's Neighbor's Ugliest Cities?

  • Iowa: Ames, IA
  • North Dakota: Rolla, ND
  • South Dakota: Winner, SD
  • Wisconsin: Milwaukee, WI

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