If you follow my blog, you know I have an obsession for old houses.

Multiple times in the past week, I've written about houses that were featured on "For The Love of Old Houses."

See: Exquisite Minnesota Home Featured on "For The Love of Old Houses."

I think there's something so magical about timeless character. Who doesn't enjoy driving into a town that transports you back in time with the old timey and stunning buildings?

Google Maps
Google Maps

I don't know if I spent a past life in a city like this or what it is that makes me SO obsessed. Every time I drive into places like Lanesboro, Northfield, Chatfield, just to name a few, I am in awe. I think they are super adorable.

It's even better stepping into one of those buildings. A dimly lit space with exposed brick - tell me that's not freaking romantic as can be! With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you could really wow your date by taking them to a place with all the history.

Cities like Duluth, Mantorville, and several in between are rich in history. Interestingly, there's even a restaurant in Minnesota that's older than the state itself.

14 Of The Oldest Restaurants In Minnesota

Let's travel across the state to see some of the oldest restaurants in Minnesota.

Gallery Credit: ianredmond

So, now for the true Minnesotan test. How many of these places have you eaten at?

Sadly, I've only been to one - The Hubbell House. It was fabulous, but I think it's time to take that old restaurant road trip!

Detour Dining: Off-the-Beaten-Path Restaurants You Must Try in South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa

Beyond the well-traveled tourist paths, there’s a whole different world of food exploration throughout South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota. From tiny restaurants in historic towns serving up generations-old recipes to small town dive bars that not only have cheap, cold beer, but unique and unexpected homemade dishes.

We’ve created an exploration of off-the-beaten path restaurants nestled in the charming landscapes of the tri-state area. Take a detour from the ordinary and discover the extraordinary flavors as you travel the roads not-so-often traveled. 

Gallery Credit: Karla Brown / Townsquare Media