Encountering a deer on a roadway can be a scary experience. Often popping into view at the last possible second, safely navigating one of these occurrences can be a real test of your driving skill and often involves a bit of luck in the process.

Experts will tell you that the best ways to avoid finding yourself in a situation where you could have a deer-related collision include remaining attentive, avoiding distractions, and driving for the conditions.

Whether fog, snow, rain, slippery roads, or just simply darkness, a lot of factors can require drivers to slow down to make sure you have the most control over your vehicle, best chances to achieve a good stopping distance, and assurance you are not driving beyond what you know is ahead of you.

Even if you follow every piece of guidance and advice, sometimes a deer-related crash is just inevitable. Experts will tell you it is a bad idea to swerve in an effort to avoid hitting an animal, as it could cause you to lose control and cause a potentially even more severe crash.

Every county in Minnesota reports at least a few deer-related accidents each year, with some reporting several hundred over the last 5 years.

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Thankfully a majority of these accidents are just considered "PDO" accidents, or "property damage only", but some of them do lead to injuries and a handful have even led to deaths over the last few years.

Of all of Minnesota's 87 counties, which are the most dangerous? Here are the counties that have reported the most deer-related injuries and deaths over the span of 2018-2022, the most recent data from the Minnesota Department of Safety.

Deadliest and Most Dangerous Minnesota Counties For Deer Crashes

Based on data from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, these are the counties with the highest number of fatalities and injuries related to deer vs. vehicle accidents between 2018 and 2022, the most recent data available.

Gallery Credit: Nick Cooper