About halfway through this year, Minnesota had already seen 17 reports of UFO sightings around the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Since then, that number has more than doubled as the year draws to a close.

With people spotting something unidentified or unexplainable in the sky in nearly every corner of the state, it's been a busy year for sightings in Minnesota.

To date, 45 sightings have been reported in Minnesota in 2023. That's more than double the 17 I mentioned that had been reported through the first half of the year. So, it's been a busy second half of 2023.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, Minnesota ranks 23rd in all-time reported sightings in their database. While there are far fewer accounts from the early years of their data, the NUFORC has report information for sightings as far back as 1932.

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Two of the most recent reports happened on October 19 of this year in Two Harbors. Both of them are very interesting.

In one of the reports from Two Harbors on that date, the person that saw it says they witnessed an oval-shaped object in the sky. They say there were no lights, but there was a faint glow around the object. In the seconds they witnessed this, it changed from an oval shape to a triangle shape.

The other report from Two Harbors on that same date is something the observer called a "life-changing event". During the brief time they witnessed this UFO, they say they witnessed a white glowing orb with a soft blue hue. There was a black line dividing the orb, "making it look like a hamburger".

The observer's daughter also witnessed the spectacle, which "pulsated in a wave-like pattern down toward Earth" before disappearing. They then saw dark black triangle move across the sky with "a few sparkling white lights" that eventually disappeared. As the object moved, it was silent.

Pretty wild, right?

Here's a rundown of all of the 45 reports submitted to the NUFORC for 2023 in Minnesota.

UFO Sightings Reported in Minnesota in 2023

A total of 45 sightings have been reported via the National UFO Reporting Center across the state of Minnesota in 2023, including Duluth, Minneapolis, St. Cloud, Rochester, Bemidji, Two Harbors, and elsewhere around the state. Here is a rundown of each sighting.

Gallery Credit: Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth