This is a pretty scary scam. While scams are nothing new in Minnesota and Wisconsin, this one happens face to face. A police department in Wisconsin took to social media recently to warn locals about it so they don't fall for it.

The Jackson Police Department shared news of the scam in July, warning those that live in the area about it, and even warning those nearby and passing through town. It involves a male and female duo that are approaching people at local businesses.

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Once the scammers see who they want to scam, they approach them with a sob story, saying they ran out of gas and don't have any money to pay for more. They offer jewelry in exchange for money to buy gas. The jewelry is fake so all you are left with is a fake piece of jewelry and out cash.

The duo in question drive a black Mercedes with out-of-state license plates. However, it was not stated which state their license plates are from. The Jackson Police Department asks that if you come across the scammers, you take a picture of their license plate so they have more information.

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A few people weighed in on the comments section, writing that they too had been approached by scammers like this. One person weighed in with the following:

This same type of vehicle approached me with the same story at home depot in sheboygan a few weeks ago.
It seems this scam has also been going on for longer than previously thought, as another person stated this on the post:
Had the same problem last summer in town at mobile gas station. Jewelry for cash.

Even if you are reading this in a city far from the Jackson area, be aware. The Jackson Police Department says they are "likely going to be traveling" across Wisconsin, and likely in the Washington County Area. It is also possible they will flee outside of those parameters as news of their scam has gotten out. Plus, the comments shared in this post are proof there are scams like this everywhere!

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