Being a delivery driver can have its advantages. According to Upper Route Planner, the pros of delivery driving can include:

  1. Increasing demand for online orders - The demand for online orders has increased since the COVID-19 pandemic, and the surge in this demand persists and continues to grow at a stable rate. However, the online food delivery sector is an area that experiences peaks and drops in demand, depending on seasonal or periodic events.
  2. Easy to get employed - With the increase in online or app orders comes the need for more delivery drivers in both a full-time and part-time capacity.
  3. Guaranteed bonuses and tips - While drivers of course need to perform their duties, those who work beyond the expectations of a company can often earn company bonuses. The customers also have an option to tip drivers, which they often do.
  4. You can be your own boss - Delivery drivers don't necessarily need to abide by the rules to work for the company on paper, they can be individual drivers as well and make their own agreements and their own hours.

Of course, there are cons to working as a delivery driver which can include not having any employee benefits provided, having to use your personal vehicle and pay related maintenance costs, and health issues related to hours spent in a vehicle.

One thing they failed to mention on the list of cons is the potential for encounters with animals, specifically being attacked by a herd of cows!

However, that is exactly what happened recently to Wisconsin DoorDash driver Payton Zech. According to 27 News, Zech was on Highway P outside of Whitewater and as he headed back toward the city he got quite the surprise.

At first, he noticed a line of cars in the distance and many shadows on the road. He then pulled up closer to investigate and realized all of those shadows were cows. Then things got crazier when the herd proceeded to run towards his vehicle.

As he threw his car in reverse, he captured the funny video below.

Zech said that eventually another car came behind him, so he stopped and turned the car sideways, bracing for impact in case the cows didn't go around.

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Thankfully, they did go around him and he went safely about his night, a night he likely won't soon forget!

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Gallery Credit: Dom DiFurio & Jacob Osborn

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