We always get a ton of snow so why not make some fun out of it? The Minnesota Department of Transportation is back this year with their annual 'Name A Snowplow' contest, which is always good for a laugh or two.

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You have between now and Friday, December 15th at noon to throw your hat in the ring! After that, staff will go over all the entries and pick the finalists. From there, the public can vote from the selected finalists and ultimately, crown the winner.

There are a few rules you have to follow if you want to take part, including the following:

  • Each person can only submit one name idea.
  • Names can be no more than thirty characters, including letters and spaces.
  • Nothing vulgar! No profanity or inappropriate language.
  • Nothing political. This includes any phrases, slogans or plays on the name of a politician.
  • Winning names cannot be recycled.

You can enter the contest now online. Good luck!! I always love seeing the names of the finalists. Some of you are very creative and looking at the list always gives me a good laugh.

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The 2022 - 2023 finalists were incredible! I have no idea how they can even be topped. (By the way, you can look back at the finalists from the past few years on MnDOT's website. Trust me, you will want to. Ha!)

  • Yer a Blizzard, Harry
  • Blizzo
  • Clearopathtra
  • Better Call Salt
  • Han Snowlo
  • Blader Tot Hotdish
  • Scoop! There it is
  • Sleetwood Mac

By the was, if you're wondering if Lizzo had any response to having a snowplow named after her: she loved it! She is a Minnesota native after all. She mentioned it several times on social media and was super excited about it all. How could she not be?

Winners Of The MNDOT Name A Snowplow Contest

Get the details about the winning names for the MNDOT Name A Snowplow Contest.

Gallery Credit: Steve Tanko