This is not exactly a list you want to be on. A new study just revealed the most dangerous college campuses in America and a Minnesota institution has made the list. The list was released on Tuesday (February 6th) by Degree Choices.

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How was this list crafted? Degree Choices looked at violent crime data at fourteen-thousand plus colleges across the U.S. They narrowed the window from 2019 to 2021 to come up with this list. This story may contains content that may be triggering for some. 


It should also be noted what violent crime refers to in this case. In this study, violent crime is defined as murder or manslaughter, rape, aggravated assault and robbery. This list also only includes colleges that have at least five-hundred people.

Which Minnesota University Is On The List?

Unfortunately, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities came in at number ten on this list. That means that it is within the top of the top for most dangerous college campuses. According to this report, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities had 114 instances of violent crime within the three year time period this study looked at.

The good news is that the university is much further down the list when you factor in crime per every 100,000 students. In that instance, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus comes in at number eighteen.

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Which University Is The Most Dangerous In The Country?

This is random and a little frightening. The University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus came in at number one and it wasn't even close. There was 1,468 cases of violent crime reported within a three year window. Wow.

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When you factor in violent crime per every 100,000 students, it is a different university that takes the top spot with 10,430 crimes per every 100,000 students. Yikes! That would be the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine Central Danville Campus.

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