It is always exciting when the Minnesota State Fair kicks off, even if it marks the unofficial end of summertime. The massive event kicks off on Thursday (August 24th) and if you are planning on going to opening day or weekend, you may want to bring a fan - or five.

Minnesota has had a very hot week, with heat warnings and advisories issued all across the state. For the most part, the Twin Ports has not been impacted by the mini heat wave but locals sure will be if you head to the fair over the next few days.

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While the excessive heat is expected to die down by the weekend, opening day of the fair is looking to be a scorcher! At the time of writing, the National Weather Service office in the Twin Cities says high temperatures in the metro and surrounding areas will reach close to the ninety-degree mark.

That will make for a pretty hot opening day at the Minnesota State Fair. It looks like hot weather will stick around into Friday as well. The noticeable and real relief from the heat won't come until the actual weekend so prepare accordingly if you are road tripping to the grand event over the next few days.

Make sure you prepared by drinking lots of water, hydrate in between drinks at the fair and wear sunblock to avoid a sunburn. Wearing lightweight clothing as well may help as well if that heat does linger a bit longer than planned as of now.

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At times, the heat index was up to 115 in parts of Minnesota this week. I know we get hit a little bit harder in the winter than the rest of the state but when it comes to super hot conditions like we're seeing this week, I think Duluth is on to something good.

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