This one slipped under the radar.

A handful of new laws went into effect earlier this month and while you should brush up on all of them, there's one you should know about as soon as possible.

About seven new laws started in Minnesota on July 1st, ranging from transportation to environmental to employment laws.

This particular law falls under the transportation category, and while the new law officially began earlier this month, we won't see a big impact from it until February of next year.


New Driver's License Law

Have a teen in your house that is going to be getting their license soon? This will likely impact them. This new law will require 'plain language' on driver's license exams beginning next year.

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So what exactly does that mean in this case? Here's how the Minnesota House Of Representatives describes it, writing this new law:

[...] aims to ensure written driver’s license exams test how well applicants understand the rules of the road rather than their ability to decode complex sentences.

It's been a very long time since I had to take a driver's license exam but I do remember feeling like some of the questions were trick questions.

Young Happy Woman Showing The Key Of New Car

We won't see a change in the actual written driver's license tests until February 1st of 2025. The Department of Public Safety will need to create a new test with these new standards.

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This test will be written using 'clear, simplified language' rather than the sometimes-confusing questions that are on the exam now.

Some of the changes you or your teen might see on the new written test includes the following:

The word 'you' so the test is speaking directly to the person taking it

The active voice

Concrete words

Familiar words

No long and complex sentences

Minimal abbreviations

No double negatives

No use of terms like 'unless' or 'indicated otherwise' or 'except for'

There you have it! Hopefully, this will take a little bit of the pressure off of taking the written driver's license exam. Keep scrolling for a look at other laws that have gone into effect so far in 2024.

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