This is really, really scary. A new in-person scam has been making waves in the small town of Rogers, Minnesota. This scam could happen anywhere and probably will pop up in more places as locals catch on to what the scam is all about.

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The Rogers Police Department shared details of the scam earlier this month, writing that they received a horrifying report from a resident about the scam, which tipped them off. According to their post, there was one person who fell victim to the scam and it happened at a local retail store. The exact name of the store wasn't given.

Tow truck towing a broken down car on the street.

The scammer approached the victim and asked if they could use their cell phone. They claimed they needed roadside assistance and said they needed to call their insurance company to sort out details. The victim allowed the scammer to use their cell phone in an effort to help them out.

You may be thinking the scammer took off with the phone. Something even worse happened: the scammer called someone and then sent money from the victim to themselves. I have heard about this happening before with Venmo, so I put an extra layer of security on my account.

Sadly, the case is still under investigation and we don't know how much money was stolen. This is absolutely terrible! It is also scary because the scammers do the scamming in person, rather than over the phone. That adds an extra layer to the situation.

It goes without saying but if you get approached by someone and they ask to use your phone, kindly say no and help them in another way. Maybe help them find a public phone they can use or keep your phone in hand and dial the number for them, while putting the call on speaker phone.

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There are a ton of scams, seemingly a scam for absolutely everything and everywhere. Just like I do with questionable emails, ignore something that seems too good to be true. If you get a phone call or text that worries you, do some research before responding.

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The more you read about common scams, the better you can protect yourself against them.

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