Minnesota has done it again! We were just named one of the safest states in the country this year, a feat that we have accomplished before. This time around, we were named the eighth safest state in the U.S.

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WalletHub looked at all fifty states and a handful of factors for each of them. From there, they put the states in order from safest to most unsafe. Thankfully, Minnesota is in the top ten this time around, which feels pretty good.

Many things played into this study, including how many fatalities per one-hundred million vehicle miles of travel, law enforcement employees, assault rates, percentage of adults with rainy-day funds, and more.

Minnesotans must have it together because we have been named the eighth safest state in the country. We have the fewest fatalities per one-hundred million vehicle miles of travel and one of the lowest shares of an uninsured population.


Not only do those things make us safe, but we also have one of the highest percentages of adults with rainy-day funds. Overall, we really just killed it at being safe this year in all of these areas. Way to go, Minnesotans!

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As for Wisconsin, you didn't do too shabby either! Wisconsin came in at number twenty-two this year. It's also good to keep in mind that this study doesn't just mean physically safe. It also applies to financial safety and workplace safety.

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