It is officially running season. Runners are gearing up for Grandma's Marathon and there are races all across Minnesota for runners to practice and get their miles in. I just learned of a new 5K that benefits a great cause.

This particular race is called the CSM John S. Werner Memorial 5K Run-Walk. This race is put on by the St. Louis Historical Society and the Veterans Memorial Hall. It is being held in honor of the namesake, who was a former Rice Lake Mayor and veteran.

When Is The Race?

The race will take place on Saturday, May 11th at 9 a.m. It starts at the Other Place Bar and Grill.

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The namesake of the race was also a Boy Scout Troopmaster and local mechanic. Benefits from the race will go towards the St. Louis Historical Society's Veterans Memorial Hall, which was a passion of his.

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How Can I Register?

Registration is open now! Entry to the race is $30 bucks. The price goes up to $35 bucks starting on May 9th and until race time. You can register online now before the price jumps up!

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There will also be a short ceremony prior to race kickoff. If you are training for Grandma's or simply want to give back to this great cause, this is the perfect way to do that. For any questions related to the race, there is a form you can fill out online on the registration page linked above.

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