Is this February, or is this April? That's what many people are asking as we've seen record-high temperatures and lows across Minnesota.

I routinely check the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources's website for the conservation officer's weekly reports. It's a good tool to see what actually is going on from those who are out in the woods and on our lakes.

The only snowmobiling happening is taking place on lakes.

Multiple conservation officers are reporting empty trails due to warm conditions. The only snowmobile activity has been on lakes in Northern Minnesota that have enough ice, but they still warn that ice conditions are poor and to use extreme caution.

Multiple loud exhaust violations were found.

Conservation Officer Aaron Larson in Tower reported enforcement of illegal and loud snowmobile exhaust. CO Shane Zavodnik patrolled area lakes on a snowmobile and also took action on modified snowmobile exhaust violations.

suriya silsaksom
suriya silsaksom

ATVs have re-appeared.

Conservation Officer Troy Fondie in Orr, Minnesota said he's been seeing more ATVs out and about. Usually this time of year the snow is too deep for ATVs, but we're seeing mostly mud across the state.

to snowy rooms with a snowy shovel

"It doesn't appear the snowmobile season is going to happen this year"

CO Duke Broughten in Aurora, Minnesota said that the recent warm weather deteriorated snowmobile trails and created slush on area lakes.

CO Duke Broughten (Aurora) spent the week monitoring fishing, spearing, snowmobile, and ATV activity. Recent warm weather deteriorated snowmobile trails and created slush on area lakes. Anglers reported limited success. It doesn?t appear the snowmobile season is going to happen this year. Broughten also fielded calls regarding ATV trail riding and injured animals.

Even if we did get snow at this point, it wouldn't solve the problem.

The temperatures have been so warm that creeks and springs and swamps haven't been able to firm up. What we would need to save any of the snowmobile season is a very cold deep freeze, followed by a ton of snow.

Temperatures are expected to be cooler next week, but still above average for this time of year.

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