Well, this is something. Duluth was just named one of the drunkest cities in America. Yup, our sweet little Minnesotan town may also be one of the drunkest, at least according to a new study by 24/7 Tempo.

Unfortunately, this doesn't mean we just love an ice cold beverage from time to time. This study looked at factors like binge drinking to determine their lengthy list of the drunkest cities in the country, many of which are in the midwest.

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The website looked at a recent study which polled adults eighteen and up on how often they drink alcohol in a week, how much they drink at one time, if they drink excessively, and the like. The cities on the list have a higher excessive drinking rate than the average.

Where Does Duluth Rank As One Of The Drunkest Cities?

Sadly, Duluth was closer to the top than the bottom of this list, coming in at number twenty. Taking our population into account, this study says about a quarter of the adult population in our city "drink excessively" and higher than the national average of twenty percent.

Why Was Duluth Named One Of The Drunkest?

To make matters worse, about thirty-eight percent of fatal car accidents in the Duluth area involve alcohol, which is well over the national average of about twenty-six percent. The study also looked at median household income.

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What Is The Drunkest City Of All? Hint: It's In Minnesota!

YIKES. St. Cloud was named the number one drunkest city in the country. About twenty-seven percent of adults drink excessively with the same percentage of fatal car accidents involving alcohol.

Aerial View of Downtown St. Cloud, Minnesota during Summer
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Did Any Other Minnesota Cities Make The Cut?

  • Mankato is named the eighteenth drunkest city, with about a quarter of the adults there admitting to drinking excessively. About twelve percent of fatal car accidents involve alcohol, which is well below the national average.

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  • Minneapolis came in at number forty-two. About twenty-three percent of adults there drink excessively with about thirty-two percent of fatal car accidents involving alcohol.

Which Wisconsin Cities Made The List?

  • Eau Claire came in at number three.
  • La Crosse-Onalaska came in at number five.
  • Appleton is the sixth drunkest state.
  • Green Bay is ranked number eight.
  • Fond du Lac is number nine.
  • Racine is number twelve.
  • Oshkosh-Neenah is ranked fifteen.
  • Wausau-Weston is sixteenth.
  • Milwaukee-Waukesha is number seventeen.
  • Janesville-Beloit is nineteenth.
  • Sheboygan is number twenty-two.
  • Madison is number thirty-two.

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