February 22nd was a bizarre day for many wireless customers. The primary carrier that was affected was AT&T. My wife and I are AT&T customers and both of us lost our cellular service for most of the day.

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AT&T Gives Back Credit To Customers

We got a text from AT&T saying they were going to make it right and credit our account. They gave back customers $5 for their troubles. It's supposed to be what the average daily cost of usage would be.

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Was AT&T hacked? What caused the outage?

Many people assumed there was a hack or they were compromised. Their website says it was "due to the application and execution of an incorrect process used while working to expand our network, not a cyber attack."

When will the credit show on my bill?

AT&T says it will take 1-2 bill cycles depending on when your bill closes.


Beware of phishing scams!

As an AT&T customer, there is nothing you need to do to redeem the credit. They urge you to be cautious of phishing scams. Phishing scams are when bad actors pose as AT&T and send you a harmful link to click on to redeem your credit. AT&T will not ask you to click a link to redeem the credit. They ask that if you do get a message asking you to click a link to redeem the credit to please report SPAM and forward to 7726.

Was my customer data comprised on February 22?

AT&T maintains that there is no evidence or reason to believe the outage caused any data leaks.

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