The state of Minnesota is recommending that if you see these worms in your lawn or garden you should kill them immediately.

Invasive Asian Jumping Worms have found their way to Minnesota and most likely came to the state in retail plants and potting soil.

Jumping worms are an invasive species that look very similar to other earthworms except they wiggle intensely when disturbed.

Jumping Worms can quickly strip the soil of nutrients and can kill plants.

If the texture of your garden soil appears like coffee grounds you likely already have Jumping worms.

If you find Jumping Worms in your yard you should report it to the Minnesota Department Of Natural Resources.

To kill them it is recommended that you dump collected jumping worms into a bucket of soapy water, vinegar, or rubbing alcohol.

According to the Minnesota DNR "Invasive species populations may cause recreational, economic and ecological damage and can change how residents and visitors use and enjoy Minnesota lands and waters."

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