In Minnesota we like to think of ourselves as mosquito enthusiasts, having more experience and a deeper relationship to the little blood-suckers than most. You can even hear the mosquito occasionally referred to as the 'Minnesota State Bird.' (Although most Minnesotans won't come right out and say that in front of a Loon.)

The news this spring has been full of stories regarding the ferocity of this year's hatch; due to a couple dry summers, followed by this winter's abundance of snow, and this spring's flooding and rain. Some are now saying that the drier than normal stretch that we have moved into may save us from the dire predictions.

Certainly here in Minnesota we must have worse than most when it comes to enduring all of these skeeters. Right?

According to a new report sponsored by, not only is Minnesota not among the worst few states for mosquitoes -- we're not even in the top-ten.

The top spot belongs to Louisiana, which I guess makes sense, given all the swamps and water they've got. Excellent skeeter breeding grounds. The state that has the fewest mosquito issues is Michigan -- which I totally don't get at all. Wisconsin is down there too, so maybe we shouldn't be surprised that Minnesota isn't as bad as we think it is.

The Ten States with the Worst Mosquitoes

  1. Louisiana
  2. Florida
  3. South Dakota
  4. New York
  5. Texas
  6. Delaware
  7. Nebraska
  8. Georgia
  9. Alabama
  10. North Dakota

The rankings were based on thinks like average summer temperature, rainfall, number of mosquito species, West Nile cases, and Google searches per 100,000 people relating to mosquito prevention.

The ten states with the lowest mosquito issues are Michigan, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Alaska, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Kansas.

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