Back in January of this year, I got the chance to write about a car, what I thought was one of the ugliest in the state, being sold off to a man in Michigan. So what happened to the car, and what is the owner currently doing with it? Well, I got a message from the new owner of the Uff-Da Express and it seems like the new owner is really enjoying his vehicle.

Alex Wayne, the new owner of the car, took possession back in January and drove the car from the Twin Cities to Michigan where he lived. That's where I thought the story was going to end, but last week Alex reached out to me on Facebook Messenger and gave me an update on what was once Minnesota's Ugliest Car.

According to Alex:

The ugliest car from Minnesota got uglier. I converted it unsuccessfully to a jeep.

Image Credit: Alex Wayne Facebook
Image Credit: Alex Wayne Facebook

Alex went on to message me that after it was a pink jeep, the mismatched vehicle underwent another transformation.

It then became a taxi on the rally this past weekend. (August 18th and 19th)

Image Credit: Alex Wayne via Facebook
Image Credit: Alex Wayne via Facebook

Alex uses the car to participate in what is known as "Lemon Rally's which are scavenger hunts in different areas of the country usually over a 3-day span with junky/crappy cars"

Believe it or not according to Alex the new 'taxi' won the Lemon Rally it was in that weekend. According to Alex via Facebook Messenger:

We actually won the rally with it too. Was great time. The organizers told us we need to sell it to another team so they can convert it to another body and win a rally with it.

So does this mean that Minnesota's Ugliest Car, which now is a taxi in Michigan, will be listed for sale again? I guess we will just have to wait and see!

So Long! Minnesota's Ugliest Car Just Got Drove Off To Michigan

Alex Wayne recently bought a mash-up of a Minnesota vehicle. It's a Mini Cooper frame with a Chevy Express van skeleton on top. This vehicle definitely turns some heads as it goes by, but it was supposed to do that.

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