Of course, we already of the Vikings - Skol. Not to mention several other pro, semi-pro, and amateur leagues throughout the state! But, could we be seeing another a pro team in the near future?

The answer, it's very possible. Minnesota is on a short list to welcome a new team! It won't be your standard NFL league. It's Arena Football - a faster paced game on a smaller field.

According to the Arena League website, arena football is different. "We are different to create opportunity. Opportunity for football fans to enjoy the game in a different way. Opportunity for athletes to showcase their skills in a new environment. Everything we do will push the boundaries."

Fun fact, there's actually already an AL team in Minnesota, but there may soon be another.

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Right now, Duluth has a team that is part of the inaugural Arena Football season. Their team - Two Harbor Monsters - held tryouts last summer and have their first game in May.

Next year, the league has big expansion plans with hopes of adding another team.

Other than the Monsters, they currently have three other teams set to hit the turf this summer - the Ozark Lunkers, Iowa Woo, and Kansas City Goats.

Come 2025, at least one of five US cities will be added to the roster. Believe it or not, Rochester is on that list. How cool would that be?

The other cities currently on the short list are:

  • Dallas, TX
  • Eau Claire, WI
  • Hot Springs, AL
  • St. Joseph, MO

Do you want to see a team in Rochester? If so, cast your vote today on the Arena Football website.

The news was posted on a Rochester Facebook page with mixed reviews. People were commenting with questions about where they would play and if we'd have enough interest to have a team? What do you think?

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