If you're like me, you got a passport a decade ago and left it pretty much untouched ever since. I just realized mine was expired and was overwhelmed trying to figure out how to renew it.

It shouldn't be a huge surprise that there is now a scam surrounding that little blue book. This one hits close to home, as it has been reported in Wisconsin.

Renewing Your Passport?

Officials with Washington County shared an urgent message to those living in the area, along with Wisconsin residents everywhere. They shared the warning on social media just a few days ago.


According to their post, several locals have called in to the Washington County Clerk's Office to say that they paid 'third party vendors' to fill out their passport application form. The big problem here is that those applications are free.

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Upon further digging, officials found fake websites used to collect fake passport fees. They seem legitimate but we all know how it works by now: they aren't and you are out the money!

Some Tips

You should always go to Travel.State.Gov for any travel-related information, including getting or renewing your passport. If you are trying to get a passport or renew one, there will not be a fee.

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When it comes to very important things like getting a passport, take the extra time to make sure you are doing it correctly. You can always call your local clerk's office or DMV for more details if you are unsure how to go about it.

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