A holiday weekend is upon us and as if often the case with long holiday weekends, there will be extra law enforcement out on the roads in Minnesota. Many of us will be going on a road trip or traveling for the weekend.

Slow Down & Buckle Up

Memorial Day weekend is notoriously a busy - and dangerous - weekend for motorists all across the state. In fact, this weekend through Labor Day is sometimes referred to as the '100 Deadly Days Of Summer' because of how many accidents happen.

This is a sentiment echoed by local law enforcement across the state. With that in mind, there will be extra patrol out this weekend looking for motorists not wearing a seatbelt or speeding.

This extra enforcement period is already in full swing, and will continue through early September. If you are traveling this weekend or at all this summer, make sure to wear your seatbelt and slow down.

It Could Cost You

Because of this increased patrol, if you are not wearing a seatbelt or you are speeding, you have a pretty good chance of getting pulled over and ticketed. I have seen signage all over town reminding motorists of this.

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So how much will it cost you if you get a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt? After fees, it'll be about $100 bucks, which seems like a big waste of money that could be avoided by simply wearing your seatbelt.

This is known as the Primary Seat Belt Law and applies to all drivers and passengers in the vehicle, including in the backseat. You know what they say: click it or get a ticket!

Police car on road with flash lights and siren at day

And It'll Cost You Even More...

The fees for speeding will cost you even more. If you've ever gotten a speeding ticket, you already know they can be pricey. According to Minnesota Department of Public Safety, a ticket usually costs about $110 bucks.

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However, if you are going more than 20 mph over the speed limit, those fees double. If you go triple digits, you could lost a lot more, including your driver's license, citations and court fees, increased insurance fees and more.

All of this to say, slow down and buckle up. It's not hard and it could save a life - and yours.

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